Preparation of Platelet Concentrate


Platelet concentrates are usually used for patients with Thrombocytopenia and concomitant bleeding or thrombocytopenia of sufficient magnitude to impart a significant threat of bleeding during surgery or other invasive procedures. Platelet concentrates usually contain a minimum of 5.5 × 1010 platelets. A single unit of platelet concentrate may be adequate for transfusion to a neonate or infant. The infusion of 10 ml/kg of platelet concentrate should be able to raise the blood platelet count to > 100 × 109/L in an infant and 1 U/10 kg for children and adults.

Preparation of Platelet Concentrate:

  • Process the blood collected within 6 hours of time of collection.
  • Keep units vertical on laminar flow table for 30 – 45 minutes.
  • Note the weight of primary bag and record in register.
  • Keep bags in buckets and balance them.
  • Keep equally balanced bag diagonally opposite in refrigerated centrifuge ensuring that the position of bags in bucket is paralleled to direction of spin.
  • Centrifuge at 3500 r.p.m. for 10 minutes at 4ºC.
  • Keep bag on plasma separation on laminar flow. Break the seal of tubing connecting satellite bag. Express plasma in satellite bag leaving 50 – 60 ml of plasma in primary bag.  If additive is used remove all plasma in satellite bag before clamping.
  • Remove the clamp of bag containing additive solution and let additive solution pass slowly in primary bag containing Red cells.
  • Mixed contain thoroughly, Seal the tubing and Detach the bag.
  • Keep primary bag containing Packed cells with additive solution in quarantine storage in blood bank at 4ºC (2ºC - 8ºC) in the refrigerator and kept in component room.
  • Label the bags and take it on inventory after testing is over.
  • Spin the satellite bag containing Plasma Rich in Platelet (PRP) and connecting bag from which additive solution was emptied at 22ºC at 500 r.p.m. for 10 minutes in refrigerated centrifuge after balancing buckets.
  • Place bag containing PRP on expresser stand under laminar flow.
  • Express plasma in empty bag leaving 50 – 60 ml of plasma along with platelet.
  • Seal the tubing and cut the tubing of plasma bag short to avoid breakage during frozen storage.
  • A small segment of tubing containing platelet is prepared after mixing the bag contains as and when requested in quality control laboratory.
  • Leave platelet concentrate on laminar flow for 30 minutes. Keeping label side down mixed contains of bag manually, before transfusion keep unit in quarantine storage in incubator at 22ºC on lower self.
  • After required test results are available place the platelet concentrate on agitator in upper self for used.
  • Keep plasma bag in deep freezer kept in component room at –30ºC.
  • After the testing, Labeling and entering the inventory bags are transferred to deep freeze in issue area.

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