Preparation of Cryoprecipitate


Cryoprecipitate, also called ‘Cryo’ for short, is a frozen blood product prepared from Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP). It contains fibrinogen, von Willebrand factor, factor VIII, factor XIII and fibronectin. The precipitate is resuspended in a small amount of residual plasma (generally 10–15 ml) and is then re-frozen for storage. It is often transfused to adults as 2-5 units’ pools instead of as a single product. Cryoprecipitate is used to prevent or control bleeding in people having coagulation disorders such as Hemophilia-A (factor-VIII deficiency) and von Willebrand disease (von Willebrand factor deficiency).

Preparation of Cryoprecipitate:

  1. Basic material is platelet poor fresh frozen plasma should be free of RBC.
  2. Use plasma frozen at –80ºC with in a day or two of freezing. Keep the Segment bag of Cryo longer.
  3. Fill the Cryobath with double distill water maintain the temperature of water in continuous circulatory motion at 90ºC.
  4. Keep Fresh Frozen Plasma in Cryobath. When plasma is thawed, place bags in centrifuge bucket and balance the bucket on weighting scale.
  5. Keep the position of bags paralleled spin at 5000 r.p.m. for 15 minutes at 4ºC.
  6. Connect empty transfer bag to bag containing plasma and cryoprecipitate using sterile connecting device under laminar flow. Place the bag on plasma expresser and separate plasma in transfer bag leaving approximately 15-25 ml of cryoprecipitate suspension in original bag.
  7. Seal the tubing and separate the bag containing cryoprecipitate and bag containing Cryo-poor plasma.
  8. Weight the bags containing cryoprecipitate and Plasma and record in register the plasma is Factor -VIII deficient.
  9. Both the bags are kept in quarantine till the tests are completed.
  10. Label the bags, enter the inventory and place them in deep freezer in issue area after the test results are available.

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